Hi! I’m Gina, a Trauma Coach Helping You Break Through the Pain and Shame of Sexual Abuse.

Building a relationship with God can help you find breakthrough and create the life you love.

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I see you. I know the frustrating, seemingly never-ending impact that sexual abuse can have on your life.

I know how it feels to struggle with your self-worth, to wonder if you are crazy, to feel overcome with shame, anxiety and fear, unable to develop healthy happy relationships and afraid to speak up or go after your dreams.

Let me just reassure you, “You don’t have to stay stuck in suffering.”

You are not your trauma.

It is not who you truly are and it doesn’t have to dictate how you live your life.

God wants you to feel loved, safe, confident, beautiful, and worthy.

Healing is not only possible but probable for you… and so is happiness.

I am ready to heal!

About Gina

I’m a playful, resilient, confident, empathetic child of God (just like you!)

I’m more than a trauma coach, I’m also a survivor of chronic sexual childhood abuse.

I’ve experienced the negative impacts from this in my life, from drug addiction, suicide attempts and repeated abusive relationship patterns to feeling like I was losing my mind. I’ve dealt with psych ward stays and multiple physical issues including dissociative seizures and I’ve conquered all of this.

For the past 17 years, I’ve overcome the negative impacts of sexual abuse by using brain based strategies, trauma informed therapy and most profoundly through nurturing my relationship with God (which helped me discover who I truly am).

Now I am thriving! I am proud of myself and I can look in the mirror with love and compassion knowing who I truly am. I have a fulfilling, healthy, and fun marriage, healthy happy relationships with others and I‘m doing what I love, living my purpose with joy.

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I know what it’s like to be motivated to get better, and yet struggle with feeling stuck- not being able to get the right kind of help.

That’s why I became a trauma coach & created a program to help others heal. I know it’s effective because it draws on the tools and strategies that have been the foundation of my own healing.

The Bridge to Breakthroughs© program combines years of dedicated brain science research, social emotional intelligence strategies along with my extensive training from graduate school, teaching career, and personal experience.

How it Works


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The Bridge to Breakthroughs© is infused with activities that enable you to transform the way you see yourself. You’ll begin to transform your trauma to triumph. You’ll move from old untrue, hurtful beliefs to experiencing the truth of knowing yourself as a child of God who can finally experience His peace, love and joy within yourself and your life.

Discover your path to breaking through shame and suffering……without having to relive your trauma!

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Are you a sexual abuse survivor who has worked on healing but still struggles to experience the positive life changes like freedom, hope and joy that you desire and deserve?

“The 5 Keys to Overcome Abuse and Discover Joy” was created for you so than you can experience the changes you want!

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