Services to Help You Heal from Sexual Abuse Trauma

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Gina is a wise and empathetic coach who supports and uplifts you with her fun and encouraging approach.

Her remarkable coaching programs allow you to experience the healing process in a non intimidating and uplifting way. She lends her amazing perspective on shame which makes it easier to begin to heal and be free from the pain of sexual abuse trauma, then most imagine.

Not only is Gina highly relatable but she also a credible coach with 17 years in recovery from sexual abuse trauma. Gina’s coaching style allows you to address the “how” of your healing and offers you support in implementing the effective Bridge to Breakthrough techniques with an amazing perspective on shame which makes it easier to break through the pain of sexual abuse trauma. .

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The Bridge to Breakthrough Coaching

These options provide you with empathy, encouragement, and empowerment while guiding you individually along The Bridge to Breakthrough program using the 5 keys – Recognize, Relate, Rest, Recover and Renew. Including email support and homework feedback. You will feel seen, heard and loved and hopeful. You’ll finally find a place where you belong and you won’t have to explain or defend your pain. And you’ll probably even have some fun!

Are you struggling to Thrive because of Abuse?

Discover the Connection to Your True Self with God-Centered Healing

Know God-Know You

Do you struggle with low self-esteem and self confidence because of anxiety, fear and shame?  Do you have a desire to include a relationship with God in your healing journey but don’t know how? Or, have you heard others talking about how God led them through a journey of healing but you don’t have a connection with Him?

With The Bridge to Breakthrough six-month coaching program you will begin to know and experience God as your personal, relatable, playful, unconditional loving Father.  Additionally, you will learn to see yourself with compassion and know yourself as His child who is loved unconditionally. These coaching sessions will significantly assist you in healing from abuse and help greatly reduce the amount of shame, anxiety and fear you are feeling in your life. 

You’ll be guided to discover your true self who is made in His image and worthy of love.

lI am ready for breakthroughs

Cross the Bridge from Healing to Joy

Discover How to Live a Hopeful, Joyful Life After Abuse

Peaceful, Playful, Purposeful Life

Do you want to move from surviving to thriving, but don’t know how? Are you tired of seeking help without experiencing the breakthroughs that you desire and deserve?  Are you feeling stuck in the muck of an abusive past despite seeking help? Are you longing for the better life that you know deep down is waiting for you?

The Bridge to Breakthroughs Program Includes six months of:

  • One on One Coaching- weekly 60 minute video sessions online
  • Email support during regular business hours

Working in The Bridge to Breakthroughs coaching program

Working through The Bridge to Breakthroughs coaching program will give you tools for healing from sexual abuse and trauma so that you can achieve the peaceful, purposeful, playful life you’ve been dreaming of.  You’ll start to experience positive changes in yourself and learn how to build safe, loving relationships with others, while at the same time, building safe, loving relationships with yourself and others. At the same time, building your relationship with God so that you can feel his unconditional love for you.

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Monthly Connection

Maintain Your Bridge to Breakthroughs and Nurture Your Healing from Abuse

Available to clients who have completed coaching packages only.

Monthly Check-in for support, accountability and connection:

  • One on One Coaching-One 60 minute session online
  • Group Coaching for Maintenance and Support- One 90 minute session online
  • First availability and discounted rates for all events and products

You’ll join two monthly online sessions for support and connection necessary for overcoming abuse and achieving and maintaining your breakthroughs.

You will experience empathy around your challenges and receive the encouragement and empowerment to help you live your joyful breakthrough life.

Let’s Talk About Your Breakthrough

I cannot speak highly enough of Gina and her skills as a coach. Gina is very skilled at helping her clients see where they are holding themselves back and delivers her messages in a kind and empathetic manner. Gina is an incredibly open and caring individual and knows how much effort is required to make true, long lasting changes in one’s life. I would not hesitate to refer clients to Gina for her coaching practice.

- R.N.


Healing Sexual Abuse Trauma with Gina - Sitting on a white fuzzy rug on laptop

Bridge to Breakthroughs Online Course

This highly effective God-centered program provides the initial step to obtaining breakthrough joy while healing from sexual abuse trauma. This self-paced course helps you walk along the Bridge to Breakthroughs by implementing the 5 Keys — Recognize, Relate, Rest, Recover and Renew. This process will help you understand where you have been, where you are, and feel supported as you move forward towards your brightest future.

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Before working with Gina, I struggled daily with low self-esteem, fear and anxiety related to being abused. Gina not only really understood what I have been through, but she also helped me see my past and myself in a different perspective which helped me feel hopeful for the first time in a long time. Thanks to Gina and her Bridges to Breakthroughs program, I feel so much less stuck, am proud of myself, know who I am and feel so much less anxiety and fear and even feel free for the first time. I am grateful to Gina because now I am working towards the joy, I know I deserve!

- T.C.

Crisis Resource Consulting

1-60 minute session and 2- 30 min follow up sessions: providing:

  • Listening safe space
  • Recommendations for proven referrals (including expert complex trauma therapists, clinics, and holistic doctors)
  • Follow Up and discussion on process of finding recommended help

This coaching option provides a personal healing plan including referrals to well established and highly recommended professionals to successfully address and begin the process of emotional and physical healing from abuse.

If you are currently in crisis and seeking help but do not know where to turn then, crisis consulting is your first step towards healing. If you are struggling with addiction, are currently in an abusive relationship, or just beginning your healing journey and finding daily functioning almost impossible due to anxiety, flashbacks, illness, panic attacks, etc., then this option is for you.

You will accelerate your healing journey by getting connected to expert resources in healing from abuse (complex trauma) within the professional community. Many survivors end up bouncing from therapist to therapist because they can’t find a complex PTSD trained therapist. This option allows you to get started with a proven expert right away avoiding the often wasted time and energy it takes to research and search for trusted professionals who can truly help.